The Race Club

iOS/Android App & Website

The Race Club is the ‘ultimate punters tool’ – a service that caters to everyone from the novice punter right up to the professional. Their main focus is centred around education; it’s their aim to educate and ‘make better punters’. They assembled some of the best racing minds in Australia and teamed up with us to create a tool that gives their subscriber base every chance of succeeding on the punt.

A custom web, iOS and Android platform that provides real-time analytics for punters

We created a custom platform consisting of a web portal, iOS and Android app that allows members to gain access to race analytics, resources and insights in real-time. Their revenue model required us to implement a tiered subscription model, whereby different features were made accessible according to the chosen subscription plan. We added another dimension to these tiers by allowing the end-user to select their billing frequency; being weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

The Execution

The Race Club platform continues to grow, along with its success and demand for the tool. At its core, The Race Club is a platform that allows pro racing analysts to provide race-by-race previews for racing meets as well as reviews of each race upon completion. Previews are uploaded via a custom CMS framework created by Pink Panda so that each race and the relevant attributes can be uploaded and managed easily by admins. These are offered in conjunction with the 'live yard' feature which pulls analyst data via an API in real-time who are at the track, providing live assessments of each horse.
Pink Panda also implemented a 'News' component which operates in agreement with a third-party data source where a custom integration has been written to scrape recent articles which are published.
As previously mentioned above, a custom subscription model was developed for The Race Club to support residual payments for members. However the more challenging component of this was to integrate it with Apple's in-app subscription model. Since Apple's revenue sharing guidelines insisted that The Race Club pass back a commission for app-users, we were required to handle both in-app subscribers and Race Club members accordingly, allowing them to opt in or out or upgrade their subscription at any time so that it reflected across all platforms.