The Race Club is the ‘ultimate punters tool’ – a service that caters to everyone from the novice punter right up to the professional. Their main focus is centred around education; it’s their aim to educate and ‘make better punters’. They assembled some of the best racing minds in Australia and teamed up with us to create a tool that gives their subscriber base every chance of succeeding on the punt.

Curating a new visual and brand identity

First we curated a new visual identity for the brand, largely drawing inspiration from sporting and gambling industries (particularly those of which embody an undertone of ‘high performance’ and success). Since the business appealed to a predominantly male audience, we continued to evaluate other masculine brands as well as cutting edge SAAS platforms to help form an identity which had ultimate alignment with the brand.

A simplified approach to racing form

Initially, we identified that whilst existing form guide platforms are powerfully content-rich, the way in which the data & analysis is presented is incredibly dense and difficult for the average user to digest. This fuelled us with the motivation and challenge to construct a platform which adopted a design philosophy that allowed users to more easily comprehend the information. This would in turn provide the client with a competitive edge in market based on it being a more user-friendly and accessible platform for less-experienced and recreational punters.

Form guide foundation (Web)
Speed Maps
Tiered subscriptions allowing access to different features
Previews provided by TRC analysts
Blackbook functionality for users to bookmark horses, jockeys, trainers

Real-time analysis, minutes before jump, live from the race track

We exposed a real-time data endpoint through a feature called ‘Live Yard’ which provided members with real-time analysis from professional analysts, live at race meetings. Each runner was scored on attributes such as behaviour, health and coat in order to produce an overall ‘rating’ – providing punters with an ‘edge’, minutes before jump.

Form guide
Runner details and statistics
Chat room for TRC subscribers and guests
Late mail / real-time notifications for the Live Yard

From the first meeting with Pink Panda, it wasn’t hard to engage them as our developer. Their extensive knowledge, problem solving skills and ability to grasp a foreign concept were immediately recognisable and they over shot the scope considerably. The entire team have time and time over delivered; we feel they are an integral part of our business.

Adam Curkpatrick, Director