Sunday Mail Presents Westpac City-Bay is a not-for-profit organisation whose prime objective is to raise funds to support Athletics in South Australia. Each year in September, tens of thousands participate in what is one of the largest marathon events in South Australia.

A custom participant registration platform, tailored to the race’s requirements

Pink Panda was contracted to re-build the entire City-Bay participant registration platform to be built and housed within a separate environment. This was developed using a Laravel framework where a wide-range of requirements and features were implemented in order to produce an intuitive, easy to navigate platform for participants of all ages.

Integration with Grassrootz so that participants could automatically create a fundraising page during their registration process
Ability for admins to make announcements through the dashboard with email notifications
Team invitations
Custom coupon generation with revenue reporting
Billing and invoice management

A simplified approach to registration

Since we inherited an already existing platform for registrations, we refactored the UX to aide a clearer, more simplified registration process for participants. One of the ways in which we achieved this was by compartmentalizing the inputs/fieldsets into a multi-step form so that the questions were intuitively grouped, yielding a simplified registration process for the end user.