Pink Panda was commissioned to re-design, develop and simplify the public-facing site for the City-Bay to promote the event in an effort to encourage registrations as well as provide useful information for participants. This was developed using a custom-built WordPress theme where the site required a degree of custom development – particularly to store, update and sort past race results where updating participant race times in the back end automatically adjusted the places for all participants for that year. 

A highly emotive site design with optimal user experience at the forefront

In order to design a high quality user experience, we initially addressed the organisation’s visual style. Utilising the brand palette of red and blue, we created and applied decorative line elements to photography to establish a sense of movement and athleticism. As well as decorative elements, the colour palette was successfully applied to typography, which was prefixed with angled lines, and photography through the use of gradient mapping. The end result was a high contrast, impactful and cohesive site design.

Integration with EverydayHero and Grassrootz to display real-time fundraising statistics
Custom results database with participant search/filter capabilities
Dynamic map marker plotting for races
News and blogging engine
Instagram integration