The Point

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The Point is a restaurant situated on the Albert Park Lake in Victoria. With spectacular views overlooking Melbourne, our team designed and developed a fresh, modern website which reflects the class and opulence of the establishment. The project also entailed a web build of their adjoining world-class, authentic Chinese restaurant - 'Hidden Jade'.

We first created a landing page which gave site visitors the option to navigate to either The Point or Hidden Jade. Both sites, while they remain separate, were to be designed in uniformity with one another to achieve consistency and familiarity.

A mobile/tablet version of both sites was also created in order to appeal to those using hand-held devices. According to a ‘comScore’ study in 2015, 62-64% of consumers use mobile/tablets versus desktops to browse retail/lifestyle related sites. This highlights the importance of creating a mobile optimised site in order to cater for a majority segment of visitors.