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Swoosh Finance

An undercover lead machine

Pink Panda collaborated with local Digital Transformation & SEO agency, Kwasi, to create a high converting lead generation site for the Queensland-based finance company. Since Swoosh aims to appeal to a younger, low-mid socio-economic class, our UI designers worked with Swoosh to devise a vibrant yet benevolent creative persona which resonated with their target audience. The use of 3D graphics and iconography intertwined with photography allowed for visual elements to be personable/emotive whilst creating an accessible feel to the site.

Micro-animations bound to the users cursor position to encourage engagement
Animating 3D assets to enhance user experience
Customised 3D assets
Custom repayment calculator

Our development gurus created a custom loan repayment calculator which allowed users to input the parameters of their loan term in order to calculate their repayments, borrowing total and interest/fees in real-time. The algorithm of the calculator was made accessible via the back end so that the Swoosh Finance team could modify any of the parameters (eg. interest rate / fess) at any given time.

As soon as I started at Swoosh, one of the first projects I wanted to kick off was our website revamp. Our old website was dated, slow and not fit for lead generation at all. Adam and his team jumped on board and worked with limited to no creative direction from us. Pink Panda not only delivered a beautiful looking User First website experience, they also created a brand identity that we have since fully embraced in all our marketing. Since launch, our website is 68% faster and we are now reaching 8% more new users every day. I am looking forward to working with the team at Pink Panda for a long time to come.

- Manmeet Singh,
Marketing Manager

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