Specialty Foods pride themselves on their love for food, knowledge & experience that derives from more than 50 years in the Meat Industry. As the Fresh Meat Specialists, their paddock to plate service provides their customers with authentic & convenient meal solutions.

A wishlist of in-App features as long as both arms

We teamed up with Specialty Foods to create an online/in-app ordering solution so that they could service customers during the COVID-19 period. Since modern consumers have become so accustomed to food ordering and delivery Apps (such as UberEats, Deliveroo), we knew the assumed and expected functionality of the App would be rather demanding – resulting in a feature-rich project specification. After months of development, we were able to deliver a product with a feature set on par with the other rival Apps which has proven to become a successful component of the Specialty Foods retail model.

Coupons and Promotional Offers
Customers can order items according to a product specific weight/unit
Ability to schedule order pick-up/delivery times
Push notifications advising of order updates
News and Recipes

Achieving ultimate accuracy of order totals

Since the weights/measurements of produce could vary from one order to the next, our client wanted to take an honest, fair approach to order fulfilment whereby payment was collected once the entire order was prepared. This meant that our system needed to accommodate a function allowing store managers to adjust the order weights/measurements of certain line items. This means that customers would be charged an accurate amount representative of the exact volume(s) of produce they are purchasing. We also built-in some risk management strategies to aid this process (eg. store managers can’t adjust weights/prices by over a certain percentage).

Fully customised management system for configuring business rules and account details
Purpose-built administrative back end for orders and inventory management
Customised order acceptance and fulfillment process
Ad-hoc Push notifications for marketing communications and announcements
Customisable delivery schedule
Automated commission calculation and vendor payout solution