Rock The Boat UK 2017

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Rock The Boat UK is a rock-themed music cruise leaving out of Newcastle (UK). The 2017 cruise boasts a huge lineup including big names such as Suzie Quatro, The Manfreds, Slade, The Yardbirds, The Animals and more. We were given the opportunity to help compile the cruise's branding where we designed their brochures, social media content and posters as well as build their website.

We first started with the cruise brochure where we aimed to piece together the relevant information while utilising a fun, vibrant and eye-catching design. These brochures were sent out to hundreds of travel agents around the world to help generate sales.

The website was designed inline with the branding we'd established from the brochure design as well as other content. The Rock The Boat UK site acts as the base information hub for all specifics of the cruise as well as provides an online booking system which was custom-built by our team.