Real Talk presents a series of conversation starters – posing hypothetical situations, moral dilemmas and thought provoking questions which can be discussed in a group setting or with a partner. The App will alleviate you from boring, mundane small talk and is the new “must have” companion for all social situations.

The revival of stimulating, human-to-human conversations

Real Talk was an idea born out of the lockdowns in Australia where we noticed that couples and friends were often running out of things to talk about. Even in life out of lockdown – Real Talk can be a great App to help people re-connect with others socially as it offers a range of different thought-provoking conversation starters and topics.

Dynamic playing experience
In-app subscriptions integration
Push notifications
Content categorisation

Incorporating a classic freemium model

The commercialisation of the App was achieved by implementing a ‘Freemium’ model whereby non-paying users are exposed to a playing experience with limited features. Free users are able to access a select number of playing cards per category where they are shown a series of ads during gameplay which encourage them to upgrade. These strategically disruptive mid-game ads include countdown timers where the user is unable to skip ahead without acknowledging the ad, prior to progressing to the next card. Many of the card categories have also been completely locked, serving as an additional incentive to build further intrigue and desire to upgrade.

Ability for users to suggest a question
Language selection
Social sharing capabilities
Ability to filter by played/new content