My Home Watch

iOS/Android App

My Home Watch franchisees provide home services to property and pet owners, real-estate agencies, Airbnb and property investment owners. Services include interior and exterior home checks, mail collection, bin services, garden and indoor plant watering, pool, garden care and the coordination of trades.

A custom property management and inspection app designed for staff & franchisees

Pink Panda were contracted to design and develop the backend infrastructure to be used by My Home Watch franchisees in order to onboard clients, properties and most importantly, conduct inspections.

The Execution

We first begun our project by sitting down with My Home Watch to understand their internal processes and workflows in order to conceptualize how we could facilitate and streamline these through a digital platform. In proposing an iOS/Android App as the vehicle to drive this, it was highly important that we mapped out a clear and intuitive user experience since the tool would be used concurrently by hundreds of staff members/franchisees across the globe. Whilst staff members (being the primary users) were at the center of the app, it was almost as important to consider the experience of the customer who was to be receiving the services.
We implemented a range of features to help achieve this including geo-location filtering to allow the commencement of an inspection only if the conductee was on-site, automated & customized inspection reports following completion, inspection reminders with calendar integration, notifications upon inspection re-assignment and/or re-scheduling.