My Home Watch

iOS/Android App

My Home Watch provides a range of property and pet care services to assist travellers, home owners, Airbnb owners, real estate agencies and pet & boat owners at times when they (the customer) are unable to. With franchise partners set up across Australia, their services include interior and exterior home checks, mail collection, bin services, garden and indoor plant watering, pool, garden care and the coordination of trades.

A custom property management and inspection App designed for franchisees and staff

We teamed up with My Home Watch to build an internal platform that allowed their employees to enroll clients in a service, all the way through to providing the service and conducting inspections.

The Execution

We first begun the project by understanding our client's internal processes and workflows in order to conceptualize how these could most effectively be facilitated through a streamlined, digital platform. Since the primary objective was to enable their employees to capture customer information and conduct inspections with maximum efficiency, it was our recommendation that an iOS/Android App was the best vehicle to achieve this. This was due to a range of both functional and user experience benefits a native App can often have over a mobile/tablet optimised website. We then mapped out a carefully considered user journey beginning from the on-boarding process of a new franchisee or staff member, right through to the final inspection process of a customer (making note of 'nifty' time-saving features along the way!). Whilst staff members (being the primary users) were at the center of the App, it was also important to consider the experience of the customer who would at times receive inspection reports (once an inspection had been completed), system generated invoices, welcome emails as well as other communications.
The development of the App included implementing a range of helpful features - one of these being an in-App signature mechanism so that staff members who were with the customer could have them agree and 'sign-off' to the terms and conditions of the service(s) they had signed up for. If however they were not with the customer or the customer needed more time to review the terms, the terms and conditions were emailed to them where their digital signature was required before the first inspection could be conducted. Other features included automated tax invoice generation and delivery to the customer, automated PDF inspection reports emailed to the customer upon completion, inspection reminders with calendar integration, notifications upon inspection re-assignment and/or re-scheduling, daily reports emailed to employees and franchise owners which summarised the status of past/upcoming inspections and many more.

Our favourite feature: geo-location detection which either allowed or denied the commencement of an inspection based on whether the staff member was within close proximity of the property. Their longitude/latitude positioning was then captured, plotted on a map and included in the customer's PDF inspection report so that they could verify the physical location of the conductee at the time of the inspection.