Kath & Kim

Web Design & Development

Kath & Kim (needs no introduction) is an iconic Australian TV series created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley. Pink Panda was contracted to re-design the official website for the TV series which incorporates an eCommerce component to facilitate merchandise sales.

Taking an internationally recognized brand and giving it the digital presence it deserves.

We re-booted the Kath & Kim website, keeping it clean, modern and nice, different, unusual.

The Execution

Our aim in undertaking this rebuild was not only to promote online sales, but also to include interactive elements in effort to keep site visitors engaged and in turn, build brand loyalty. To do this, we developed a custom 'meme generator' where users could create and share their own memes - tieing back into the client social media strategy. A 'Kath & Kim Quiz' and video library were also implemented to also help achieve the above.

Since the Kath & Kim site attracts visitors from around the globe, it was vital that the site was optimised for a multitude of devices. The mobile and tablet design was carefully planned in order to drive merchandise sales as well as encourage audience engagement. It was extremely important that the overall user experience was in keeping and in theme with the Kath & Kim brand.