Established in 1976 under the Eckermann Steinert brand, the Eckermann Group has earned its reputation as a leader in the property transactions and legal matters industry, by providing first class service to clients in Adelaide and South Australia for over 40 years.

Consolidating multiple subsites into a single, sophisticated company website

We had the pleasure of working with Eckermanns, alongside Kwasi, to consolidate multiple websites into a brand new company site which promotes all three of their core service categories – Conveyancers, Lawyers and Property & Forms. The primary aim of the site was to maximise it’s lead generation potential as well as serve as an information hub for visitors. The strategy and creative team were able to achieve this whilst ensuring the site presented with a high level of sophistication, in line with the company brand.

Zoho Integration
Applying brand colours for individual services
Mega menu
Staff directory with categorisation & filtering capabilities
Blogging engine
Custom mobile menu

Lead generation with Zoho CRM integration

In conjunction to the overarching website re-design and migration, it was highly important that the new site was conducive in generating leads for the company across all divisions. We achieved this by crafting conversion optimised page templates with strategic placement of key contact touchpoints.

Our challenge was to do so whilst preserving the contemporary and sophisticated style of the website. This was paired with a custom integration to the client’s CRM environment so that all leads and enquiries captured were injected into Zoho along with the appropriate tags and attributes.

Client testimonial

Our websites needed a total revamp. We were combining four existing sites into one so this required a totally new design but one that still paid homage to those existing groupings. Adam and Whitnee at Pink Panda came up with a contemporary design that worked for us – we’ve had great feedback internally and externally. The Pink Panda team respond with particular timeliness and take care to ensure that the backend is as good as the front in terms of simplicity and ease for the client to work with once the keys are handed over. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and would definitely use them again.

Catherine Eddy, Chief Marketing Officer