Joel Williams is a professional sports investor who has taken a consistent, analytic approach to betting on sports since taking an interest in the betting game over 10 years ago. Joel’s first 18 months in the tipping industry he achieved exceptional, industry best results. He has developed a strong, loyal membership base who have made great returns & developed their own skills along the way.

An innovative solution for a unique business model

We worked with Bet With Joel to produce an App for it’s membership base, allowing subscribers to gain immediate access to professional sporting analysis and insights. Given there were minimal reference or competitor Apps of similar type or purpose in-market, we originated a user experience which provided an effective solution to a unique need and specification. When conducting the App design component, we drew inspiration from modern design trends in effort to create an innovative and engaging user interface.

Delivery of tips according to user membership level with filtering capabilities by date, time and sport
Tip resulting system which automates the user’s personal unit positioning (profit / loss)
Automated email delivery and push notification support for tips release

Supporting a high-demand service during critical peaks periods

Due to the time-sensitivity of fluctuating betting markets, the immediacy of tip delivery and the subsequent server infrastructure required to support this was an imperative factor when it came to the high level project planning and setup. With this in mind, we endured a high degree of stress testing and quality assurance in order to optimise the back end which supports an average tip feed load time of 1.2s during peak periods.

Custom API development to automatically retrieve player and match data across over 60 international leagues and sporting competitions.
Multi-device detection and prevention to restrict account sharing
iOS in-app subscriptions integration
Admin user management with tipping history, email and performance logs, account and device activation/suspension

Client testimonial

Adam and the team go the extra mile in working with business owners in creating their vision. They immerse themselves in a project and take great pride in what they produce, which ultimately leads to a quality end product. They are responsive, transparent, and work hard, which in my view is all you can ask when working with someone in the field they operate. They have done an outstanding job with all the work they have produced for me and my company. I recommend those I know to Pink Panda, every time.

Joel Williams, Founder