Google’s security update that will likely affect your website

Most web surfers would know by now that if you’re handing over your credit card details online, you should always look for the green lock icon or “https” in the web URL to ensure that your information is kept safe. However even fewer would know that secure sites (who have this “https” in their URL) … Continued

4 reasons your business should use WordPress

Since WordPress was first launched, it has grown from a basic blogging tool to one of the most dynamic content management systems on the market. WordPress now accounts for 26% of all sites on the web. Known for it’s ease of use and flexibility, it’s no wonder it is the most popular CMS tool, making … Continued

3 different image formats compared (jpeg, png, tiff)

Most of our clients use images, be it sending, uploading or editing, on a frequent basis. However the general consensus seems to be that not many of them (or I can confidently assume others for that matter) understand the difference or advantages of different image/file types. Hopefully the following can clear up some of the … Continued